Social Media – A Clever Investment for Small Businesses

The media have been traditionally a tool for one way communication. But, the social media on the Internet have demolished that barrier. It has the distinct feature of two way communication. Today, social media is serving as an effective platform that forms a meeting place for people from different backgrounds and needs. The potential of the media is getting recognized gradually.

An Economical Way of Promotion:
Businessmen are in regular need to promote their products and services. Large companies conventionally go for expensive ads in established medias for promoting their business. They can afford to spend the large amount of money to make the people aware of a product or service and also follow up with ads as reminders.  With limited capital resources, it is difficult for small business to follow the path of promotion through series of ads as well continue with follow-up ads. Social media have the strength to effectively reach a large number of potential consumers in a very personal and interactive basis at incomparably low cost.

The Growing Popularity:
Social media have become a tremendously popular medium of promoting business within a very short time. Studies have revealed close to 90% small and medium companies are using social media for promoting business. The increasing traffic to the social networking sites has prompted the development of new platforms by giant companies helping in multiplication of popularity.

Apart from creating awareness to a very large of people, social media generates leads serving as an inexpensive way for companies to make a direct approach. eMarketing offers a vast opportunity to market the products with fast access to the consumers for concluding a business.

Till recently, small business companies had to take the route of launching their websites in order to generate traffic. Some of these company owners even used to personally meet the prospective buyers and request them to visit their websites for ready information as and when they needed. Now, with the advent of social media, the small companies can reach out to hundreds of prospects instantly and establish effective and profitable communication.

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